Who is IDEAL Valves & Fittings Co

IDEAL Valves & Fittings Co. is the designer and manufacturer
of stainless steel (SS) Valve Manifolds, Needle valves, Tube Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Ball Valves, Isolation Valves, and Special Accessories used in Instrumentation, Hydraulics, and Pneumatics with great care to meet the specifications required for a wide range of applications in Oil & Gas Industries, Chemical and Petrochemicals, Power generation, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Vacuum Applications. Ideal Valves and Fitting co. is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the financial capital of India.

Our Mission

The mission of Ideal Valves & Fittings Co., having
commitment to deliver products and services to customers
to meet their requirements and expectation by
providing quality products and very timely service. We
are focussing on long term commitment to the industry
and our customers, which is achievable through
collective Experience, Quality, Reliability and Improvement.

Our Vission

Ideal Valves & Fittings Co. has a vision based on its commitment to continuous improvement and product innovation to meet industry requirements through customer feedback. The Company is committed to providing the best possible solution to customers through quality products and services. We offer a wide range of services to our clients. Procurement of raw materials from qualified and approved vendors with complete traceability and test certificates. Ideal Valves and Fitting Co. is the one–stop for all your valves & fittings needs; our marketing and
manufacturing experience will help our customers to achieve the accurate and anticipated solution swiftly. IDEAL products undergo stringent quality control tests under qualified personnel using in-house laboratory
facilities. All valves were tested according to ANSI- B16.5 by using test mediums air, hydrogen, and helium.